Our Services

Accurate translation English -> German with decades of gaming experience (starting in the golden era of C-64, Amiga, NES and the likes).

During the translation process, our motto is: "There is no such thing as a stupid question". If we don't understand the context, we are not too lazy to ask questions (is "chest" for example a wooden crate, a treasure chest or a body part...). With translations by Studio Umlaut, your players will not experience nasty surprises.

We want to dive into your world and understand your story! That's why we will play your game during the translation process FOR FREE, if a game version is provided.

There is no reason why game texts should be of worse quality than texts in books or newspapers. We offer absolutely professional proofreading and edit your game texts using the most up to date official German grammar and vocabulary rules (Duden, 27. Auflage 2017).

Pitfalls of the German language - we know 'em all!

We also offer German localization testing on PC (with years of QA experience at a games publisher).

What we do NOT offer at Studio Umlaut:

- translating other combinations than English -> German

- localization testing on other platforms than PC
In these cases, we'd be happy if you got in touch with our friends at Leikur!