Our Philosophy

This workflow board looks quite complex, but our strategy for providing a flawless localization is simple: Work on a game with minimum manpower, but with a maximum of background resources from the client.


Why minimum manpower? The higher the word count for every involved person, the better the understanding of the game and homogeneity of the texts. Our small but heavily involved team of experts is highly motivated to…

... play the game during the translation process for free, if a game version with cheats is provided. We want to dive into your world and understand your story!


If something is still unclear, our motto is: "There is no such thing as a stupid question". Is "chest" for example a wooden crate, a treasure chest or a body part...?


With translations by Studio Umlaut, your players will not experience nasty surprises!

If your game is based on a novel, we’ll read it for a better understanding of the game atmosphere and consistency with the book.

Our proofreading is done according to the most up to date official German grammar and vocabulary rules (Duden, 28. Auflage 2020). Pitfalls of the German language – we know 'em all!


Even the best proofreader cannot focus on everything at the same time, therefore we do double proofreading for each and every project. In round 1 we focus on context and expression, in round 2 on grammar and typos.

No matter how experienced and educated translators and proofreaders might be – it is impossible to provide a flawless localization if the client doesn't have the same goal.


A positive example is the Czech developer Perun Creative. They recently published their first game – Hobo: Tough Life, a survival game with tons of complex branching dialogs.


For the proofreading of the community translation they provided us with:


1) A game version with cheats that gave us full control over the game. We were able to jump to all quests, locations and NSCs, set dozens of character parameters, add or remove skills and even change the weather to trigger certain events.


2) A special tool with all dialog branches in which we could easily search for specific dialog lines and see all game situations in which those can occur.


3) Direct communication with several employees. Our translation questions were answered quickly which kept us motivated to keep on asking if something wasn’t 100% clear.


We understand that this workflow is not always possible, especially if the word count is too high for working with a small but specialized team.


If you are in need of experienced and reliable translators for increasing your localization agency's manpower, feel free to contact us!